Advanced Dyeing Solutions Ltd stock spares for Beacon 121, 141's, Setex, Sedomat and Adaptive controllers. We have the largest stock of Beacon Controls boards than any other provider.
Mechanical Seals
We stock a full range of mechanical seals from 8mm up to 100mm Shaft Diameter.
Lid Seals
We stock a full range of lid seals for Longclose, Pegg, Thies, Roaches and various other manufacturers.
Temperature Probes
We have a full range of PT100 probes as well as J and K Type thermocouples.
Safety Valves
We stock a full range of safety valves for pressure vessels in both stainless steel and brass from 1/4" up to 2" with pressures set up to 8.0 Bar.
We stock angle seat valves, ball valves, flap valves and control valves with or without actuators. Sizes are from 1/8" to 12". We hold spares for Saunders, Mars, Italvalvole, Kinetrol, Baronshire, Keystone, Watts,
Solenoid Valves
We stock a full range of pneumatic, water and steam solenoid valves of various voltages from 1/8" to 1".
Pressure Monitoring Devices
We stock a full range of digital and analogue pressure monitoring devices.
Level Switches and Transducers
We stock a full range of digital and analogue level sensors for both atmospheric and pressurised tanks.
Pressure Gauges
We stock a full range of pressure gauges both brass and stainless steel from 1 Bar to 10 Bar and from 30mm Diameter to 200mm Diameter.
Top caps, Plates and Intermediates
We stock various top caps and intermediate plates of various sizes and constructions.

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